Our Purpose

After growing two successful enterprises using Talk Engine, our CEO Chad Ingram decided to build the platform to help other businesses grow. Starting and growing a business is challenging. We are a team of entrepreneur-minded people that want you to win. When you win, we win. We set out to create a cloud communication platform for you to run and grow your business. It might be time to move away from that old system you are using today. Please reach out if you have any feedback for us as we desire to create a better version every day.  

Group 31

Follow the customer.

The greatest source of truth lies with the customer. Listen and do.

Group 32

Think optimistically.

Business is hard and there is always a way through. 

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We can do anything.

If you can dream it, you can do it. 

Group 33

Ship it, and ship it fast.

The faster we learn, the faster we arrive at the best solution. Sometimes that means failing our way there. 

We'd love to help